Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

§401 Certifications: Dredge & Fill

§401 Certifications of Nationwide and Regional General Dredge and Fill Permits

Nationwide General Permits

DEQ has certified with conditions the majority of the 2017 Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits (NWPs) authorizing the discharge of dredged or fill material associated with general types of activities such as surveying; mining; building bridges; restoring aquatic habitat; constructing boat ramps, recreational facilities, and residential, commercial, and institutional developments; controlling floods; and managing stormwater.

DEQ partially certified the following three NWPs: NWP 12 (Utility Line Activities), NWP 13 (Bank Stabilization), and NWP 14 (Linear Transportation Projects).

DEQ has denied the following seven NWPs: NWP 16 (Return Water from Upland Contained Disposal Areas), NWP 17 (Hydropower Projects), NWP 23 (Approved Categorical Exclusions), NWP 51 (Land-Based Renewable Energy Generation Facilities), NWP 52 (Water-Based Renewable Energy Generation Pilot Projects). and NWP 53 (Removal of Low-Head Dams), and NWP 54 (Living Shorelines). DEQ will provide individual §401 certifications for activities authorized under the NWPs that have been denied on a project-by-project basis.

The 2017 certifications became effective on March 19, 2017.

Regional General Permits

DEQ has certified Regional General Permit 27 authorizing the addition of piers and floating docks, marine launching rails, mooring piles, and portable boat-lift stations in Lake Pend Oreille and Pend Oreille River.

DEQ has certified Regional General Permit–Emergency (RGP-E) authorizing the temporary discharge of dredged or fill material to restore, repair, and/or stabilize features that have been damaged, destroyed, or are in imminent danger of failing during emergency conditions, defined as conditions that would result in an unacceptable threat to human life, significant loss of property, and/or significant economic hardship.

To view a listing of regional general permits, visit the Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District Regional General Permits webpage.

§401 Certifications of Dredge and Fill Permits Requiring Individual Certification

CountyCorps Permit # / Project NamePermit TypeApplicant NameWater Body ImpactedIssuance Date
AdaNWW-2018-00097 - West Parkcenter Bridge RepairNWP 13ABC West, LLC and Summerset West, LLCBoise River04/30/18
AdaNWW-2017-673 - Bank StabilizationNWP 13Boise City Parks and RecreationBoise River11/28/17
AdaNWW-2009-00090 - J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Boise Whitewater Park Phase IIIndividualBoise Parks and RecreationBoise River08/28/18
AdaNWW-2018-00571 - 43rd Street Bank RepairNWP 13Boise Parks and RecreationBoise River12/03/18
AdaNWW-2018-475-B03 - Sewer line repair projectNWP 12Boise Public Works DepartmentBoise River10/10/18
AdaNWW-2016-243-B02 - Dry Creek Trail, Phase 1NWP 23City of EagleDry Creek and Ballantyne Canal01/29/18
AdaNWW-2014-369-B02 - State Street and Collister Drive intersection projectNWP 14Ada County Highway DistrictFarmer's Union Canal03/09/18
AdaNWW-2017-00451 - Pine Avenue projectNWP 14Ada County Highway DistrictFivemile Creek10/04/17
AdaNWW-2017-00441 - Meridian Road, Cherry Lane to UstickNWP 14Ada County Highway DistrictFivemile Creek, South Slough, and Jackson Drain10/10/17
AdaNWW-2017-00070 - Ten Mile CrossingIndividualSCS Brighton LLCLawrence Kennedy Lateral03/09/18
AdaNWW-2017-545-B02 - Meridian Maintenance YardNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentNoble Drain02/05/18
AdaNWW-2005-2100162 - Creek reconstruction and rehabilitationAvimor Develop CorpsSpring Valley Creek06/04/18
AdaNWW-2017-366-B03 - Whitebark Subdivision No. 2 - Utility Line CrossingNWP 12BHH Investments, LLCTenmile Creek11/15/17
AdaNWW-2018-377-B03 - Tenmile Creek Subdivision Phase No. 4, utility crossingsNWP 12SCS Brighton, LLCTenmile Creek08/15/18
AdaNWW-2008-141 - Warm Springs Creek Relocation ProjectIndividualBarber Valley DevelopmentWarm Springs Creek04/13/18
AdaNWW-2018-00569 - Julia Davis Park - Boise River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Boise City Parks and RecreationBoise River01/03/19
AdaNWW-2018-00601 - New Dry Creek Diversion Side Channel Stabilization, Boise RiverNWP 13Flood District #10Boise River01/30/19
AdaNWW-2019-00232 - Bank StabilizationNWP 13Eagle Sewer DistrictBoise River06/06/19
AdaNWW-2018-00612 - West Ada School District Waterway RelocationIndividualWest Ada School DistrictSky Pilot Drain, McFadden Drain, Eightmile Lateral08/12/19
AdaNWW-2018-00680 - Fivemile Creek Bridge ProjectNWP 14Ada County Highway DistrictFivemile Creek08/20/19
AdaNWW-2006-2300025 - Chinden Road ExpansionNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentZinger Lateral and Sub-Lateral09/12/19
AdaNWW-2019-00424 - Maple Grove Road WideningNWP 14Ada County Highway DistrictFivemile Creek Farmer's Lateral12/30/19
AdaNWW-2019-00660 - Boise River Bank StabilizationIndividualBanbury LLCBoise River01/22/20
AdaNWW-2020-00088-B03 - Neville Ranch Subdivision, Phase 4NWP 12Cartwright Ranch, LLCDry Creek04/16/20
AdamsNWW-2018-00172 - Culvert installations and replacementsNWP 3 and 14Payette National ForestTributaries to East Branch Weiser River06/07/18
AdamsNWW-2015-589-B02 - Little Rainbow Bridge ProjectNWP 16 and 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentLittle Salmon River01/29/18
AdamsNWW-2018-00310 - Bank stabilizationNWP 13Ed HargisWeiser River08/16/18
AdamsNWW-2018-00387 - Bank stabilizationNWP 13Michael BreskeWeiser River09/13/18
AdamsNWW-2015-00200 - Bank ProtectionNWP 13Wilderness West LLCWeiser River07/11/18
AdamsNWW-2017-00709 - US 95 Little Salmon River Bridge ReplacementNWP 23Idaho Transportation Department - District 3Little Salmon River06/29/20
Bear LakeNWW-2019-00222 - East Shore Marina MaintenanceIndividualBear Lake Sands LLCBear Lake02/03/20
BenewahNWW-2016-552-B02 - State Highway 6 Tributary to Santa Creek box Culvert ProjectNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentUnnamed tributary of Santa Creek12/15/17
BenewahNWW-2016-152-B02 - St. Joe River BridgeNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentSt. Joe River12/27/17
BenewahNWW-2019-00233 - Hume Creek Culvert Replacement ProjectNWP 14US Forest ServiceHume Creek07/03/19
BenewahNWW-2020-00212 - Santa Creek Bank StabilizationNWP 13Dan MalekNWW-2020-0021207/23/20
BenewahNWW-2020-00316 - St. Maries River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Jerome KalbererSt. Maries River08/18/20
BinghamNWW-2019-142-IO2 - Tabor Riverbank StabilizationNWP 13Glen and Bernadine TaborSnake River06/05/19
BinghamNWW-2017-184 - Alan Parks Snake River Bank BarbsNWP 13Alan ParksSnake River10/28/19
BlaineNWW-2013-23-B02 - Adams Gulch Road Bridge ReplacementNWP 16 and 23Blaine CountyBig Wood River03/09/18
BlaineNWW-2017-00182 - Glendale Construction Gravel Extraction ProjectIndividualGene SluderBig Wood River02/07/18
BlaineNWW-2019-457-I02 - Big Wood River Streambank StabilizationNWP 13Angela and Jerry Tegan, Ryan Colyer, Biota Research and Consulting, Inc.Big Wood River11/12/19
BlaineNWW-2017-622-I01 - Hiawatha Canal Diversion and MaintenanceIndividualHiawatha Canal Company, Inc.Big Wood River05/07/20
BlaineNWW-2020-388-I02 - Marsupial Properties Bank StabilizationIndividualMarsupial Properties LLCBig Wood River11/09/20
BoiseNWW-2017-00627 - Bogus Basin Recreational Association Snowmaking PondIndividualBogus Basin Recreational AssociationBogus Creek05/14/18
BoiseNWW-2016-515-B02 - Payette River Bridge projectNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentPayette River06/21/18
BoiseNWW-2020-002190B03 - National Forest Service Road No 384 - Beaver Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Brant Petersen, USDA, Boise National Forest, Idaho City DistrictBeaver Creek06/18/20
BoiseNWW-2020-00221-B03 - National Forest Service Road No. 384 Upper Edna Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Brant Petersen, USDA, Boise National Forest, Idaho City DistrictUpper Edna Creek06/18/20
BoiseNWW-2020-00222-B03 - National Forest Service Road No. 384 Lower Edna Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Brant Petersen, USDA, Boise National Forest, Idaho City DistrictLower Edna Creek06/18/20
BoiseNWW-2020-00202 - Grimes Creek Pass Road Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Bill JonesGrimes Creek07/29/20
BonnerNWW-2007-01303 - Sandpoint Junction Connector Project - Second Rail Crossing Pend Oreille LakeIndividualBNSF Railway CompanyPend Oreille Lake03/22/19
BonnerN/A - Carey Creek WMA Shoreline StabilizationN/AArmy Corps of Engineers Seattle DistrictPend Oreille River06/26/18
BonnerNWW-2018-128 - BNSF Cocolalla Double TrackNWP 14BNSF Railway CompanyWestmond Creek and unnamed tributaries to Cocolalla Lake05/09/18
BonnerNWW-2017-00395 - Culvert ReplacementNWP 14BNSF RailwayWestmond Creek08/28/17
BonnerNWW-2007-001218 - Trestle Creek MarinaIndividualTrestle Creek Investments, LLCPend Oreille Lake02/21/19
BonnerNWW-2018-00499 - Priest Lake ThorofareIndividualBonner CountyPriest Lake10/16/19
BonnerNWW-2018-00194 - Upper Pack River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Bud O'NeillUpper Pack River11/20/19
BonnerNWW-2019-00380 - Alder Creek Access DrivewaysNWP 14D. Kip Dochterman and RH ExcavatingAlder Creek12/11/19
BonnerNWW-2020-00252 - East Side Road Improvements ProjectNWP 23Klatt, Plass, EvansEast River07/01/20
BonnevilleNWW-2017-652-B02 - Great Western Canal bridge replacementNWP 23Bonneville County Department of Public WorksGreat Western Canal01/02/18
Bonneville: NWW-2015-00353 - US-91 Road Widening Project, Shelly to York Road, Phase 2NWP 23ITD District 5Snake River04/23/20
BoundaryNWW-2017-00353 - Bank StabilizationNWP 13Jacquelyn GaleFall Creek08/18/17
BoundaryNWW-2018-124 - Trout Creek Bridge projectNWP 14Boundary County Road and BridgeTrout Creek08/22/18
BoundaryNWW-2020-00248 - Riverside Road ImprovementsNWP 23Western Federal LandsDeep Creek07/24/20
BoundaryNWW-2020-00360 - Deep Creek Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation Department - D1Deep Creek09/10/20
ButteNW/-2018-541-IO2 - James Creek Bank Stabilization ProjectNWP 13R. Daniel WaddoupsJames Creek12/10/18
CamasNWW-2016-20-B02 - Willow Creek Bridge Replacement ProjectNWP 16 and 27Idaho Transportation DepartmentWillow Creek09/25/17
CamasNWW-2019-00438 - Soldier Creek Bank StabilizationNWP 13Jim PaxtonSoldier Creek10/15/19
CanyonNWW-2018-00026 - Boise River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Nampa PavingBoise River03/19/18
CanyonNWW-2014-301-B02 - 10th Avenue Bridge ProjectNWP 16Idaho Transportation DepartmentIndian Creek03/05/18
CanyonNWW-2014-301-B02 - 10th Avenue Bridge Replacement ProjectNWP 14Idaho Department of TransportationIndian Creek11/28/17
CanyonNWW-2019-00186 - Intersection ExpansionNWP 14City of NampaWilson Drain05/24/19
CanyonNWW-2017-00421 - Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentMason Creek06/06/19
CanyonNWW-2019-0298-B03 - Middleton Road Realignment ProjectNWP 14City of MiddletonBoise River07/31/19
CanyonNWW-2019-00196 - Rippee Island ChannelIndividualIdaho Power CompanySnake River11/08/19
CanyonNWW-2019-00547 - Happy Valley and Victory Road IntersectionNWP 14Nampa Highway District No. 1Mason Creek12/18/19
CanyonNWW-2019-00632-B03 - Falcon Valley SubdivisionIndividualTrilogy Development, Inc.Little Drain01/27/20
CanyonNWW-2020-00218-B03 - Construct Rock Ford Crossing, Willow CreekNWP 14David Little Highland Livestock & Land Co, LtdWillow Creek06/18/20
CanyonNWW-2016-00618 - State Highway 44 to Sawtooth Lake Dr. Roadway Construction ProjectNWP 14City of MiddletonWillow Creek, Mill Slough08/05/20
CaribouNWW-2018-140-I02 - Culvert replacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation ProjectsTincup Creek06/14/18
CaribouNWW-2018-135-I02 - Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentTincup Creek06/14/18
CaribouNWW-2014-302-I01 - Caldwell Canyon Mine Haul RoadsIndividualP4 ProductionQuonset Hut, Steward, and Dry Valley creeks08/20/19
CaribouNWW-2001-2300230 - Tin Cup Creek Bridge ProjectNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentTincup Creek10/25/19
CassiaNWW-2016-492-B02 - Raft River Eastbound and Westbound LanesNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentRaft River06/08/18
CassiaNWW-2016-00541 - Burley Riverbank MaintenanceNWP 13City of BurleySnake River09/26/17
CassiaNWW-2018-00399 - Bank Rehabilitation ProjectNWP 13McCain FoodsSnake River01/02/19
CassiaNWW-2019-00567 - IC Park Bank StabilizationNWP 13Mark MittonSnake River in Milner Reservoir12/17/19
ClearwaterNWW-2006-00790 - Rail line repairNWP 14Mike Williams, BGCM RailroadOrofino Creek09/27/18
ClearwaterNWW-2020-00277-B03 - White Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14USFS Nez Perce and Clearwater National ForestsWhite Creek06/25/20
ClearwaterNWW-2020-00254-B03 - Nevada Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14USFS Nez Perce and Clearwater National ForestsNevada Creek06/25/20
CusterNWW-2020-36-102 - Chilly Sinks Bank StabilizationNWP 13Big Lost River CompanyBig Lost River03/18/20
ElmoreNWW-2006-770-B03 - Bank StabilizationNWP 13Elk Valley RanchSouth Fork Boise River11/06/17
ElmoreNWW-2017-00410 - Abbot Ranch Bank StabilizationNWP 13Miller ResearchSouth Fork Boise River09/05/19
FremontNWW-2016-376-B02 - Curr Canal BridgeNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentCurr Canal09/21/17
FremontNWW-2012-129-B02 - Ora Bridge ReplacementNWP 23Fremont County Public WorksHenry's Fork of the Snake River02/28/18
GemNWW-2019-00065 - Black Canyon Park, Banks StabilizationNWP 23Bureau of ReclamationBlack Canyon Reservoir03/14/19
GemNWW-2020-00075 - Sisler-Payette River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Sisler Farms LLCPayette River05/12/20
GoodingNWW-2014-552-B02 - Bridge replacementNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentZ Canal03/14/18
GoodingNW-2019-00363 - Big Wood River Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentBig Wood River08/09/19
IdahoNWW-2017-733-B03 - Forest Service Road No. 5669 Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Brandon KnaptonTributaries of Brushy Fork05/15/18
IdahoNWW-2017-537-B02 - Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentFish Creek11/08/17
IdahoNWW-2018-00233 - Josephine Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Payette National ForestJosephine Creek06/28/18
IdahoNWW-2018-035-B03 - Mill Creek Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Nez Perce-Clearwater National ForestMill Creek03/21/18
IdahoNWW-2018-00089 - Moose Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentMoose Creek04/23/18
IdahoNWW-2018-00231 - Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Nez Perce-Clearwater National ForestO'Hara Creek06/12/18
IdahoNWW-2018-00152 - Culvert ReplacementNWP 14USDA Forest Service Nez Perce Clearwater National ForestSouth Fork Spruce Creek06/05/18
IdahoNWW-2019-89 - Culvert Replacement Big Cedar CreekNWP 14Nathaniel DavisBig Cedar Creek04/01/19
IdahoNWW-2018-00692 - Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Idaho County Road and Bridge DepartmentCrocker Creek04/26/19
IdahoNWW-2018-292-I01 - Stoddard Pack Bridge ReplacementFederal Highway AdministrationSalmon River05/07/19
IdahoNWW-2019-00117 - Sears Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14, NWP 27Idaho Soil and Water Conservation DistrictSears Creek06/25/19
IdahoNWW-2018-00632 - Heist-Secesh River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Todd Heist, HWH ConstructionSecesh River05/21/20
IdahoNWW-2020-00208 - Sill Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Dan and Lisa GunterSill Creek07/21/20
JeromeNWW-2013-361 - US 93 200 South Road ProjectNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentL Canal, L-3 Lateral06/28/18
KootenaiNWW-2012-00498 - Kidd Island Road Realignment ProjectNWP 23Worley Highway District /J-U-B Engineers, Inc.Kid Creek08/22/19
KootenaiNWW-2018-00296 - Atlas Waterfront DevelopmentNWP 3, 13, 42City of Coeur d'AleneSpokane River10/16/19
KootenaiNWW-2007-01023 - Mellick Road WideningNWP 14Riverview Ridge Estates LLC and T-O EngineersSpring Branch Creek12/10/19
KootenaiNWW-2020-00166 - Wolf Lodge Creek Bank StabilizationNWP 13Janet and Joseph FunkWolf Lodge Creek08/18/20
LatahNWW-2016-286-B02 - Gold Creek Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentGold Creek02/07/18
LatahNWW-2018-159 - Turn bay ConstructionNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentPalouse River06/06/18
LatahNWW-2018-159 - Turn bay constructionNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentPalouse River06/06/18
LatahNWW-2018-159 - Turn bay constructionNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentMount Deary Creek06/06/18
LatahNWW-2018-00344 - Bank StabilizationNWP 13Robert CallihanPalouse River08/02/18
LatahNWW-2017-557 - Bank StabilizationNWP 13Ruthie CarpenterPalouse River11/13/17
LatahNWW-2015-347-B02 - Robinson Park Bridge ProjectNWP 23North Latah Highway DistrictSouth Fork Palouse River02/15/18
LatahNWW-2004-0600046 - US Hwy 95 ProjectIndividualIdaho Transportation DepartmentSouth Fork Palouse River and Thorn Creek tributaries04/03/18
LatahNWW-2019-00054 - Potlatch River Bridge ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentPotlatch River04/01/19
LatahNWW-2019-00167 - Brocke-Access Road ReestablishmentNWP 14Jim BrockePine Creek05/07/19
LemhiNWW-2018-00185-I02 - Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Idaho Department of Fish and GameEighteenmile Creek07/20/18
MadisonNWW-2017-173-I02 - US-20 Frontage Road West Side South ProjectNWP 14Madison CountyBannock Jim Slough08/25/17
Nez PerceNWW-2018-585 - Southwick Road Re-alignmentNWP 14Nez Perce County Highway DepartmentBedrock Creek02/19/19
Nez PerceNWW-2019-0162-B03 - Pipe Arch Culvert InstallNWP 14US Forest ServiceLittle Moose Creek04/29/19
Nez PerceNWW-2018-585 - Southwick Road RealignmentNWP 14Nez Perce County Highway DepartmentBedrock Creek tributaries09/17/19
OneidaNWW-2017-460-B02 - Highway 37 ReconstructionNWP 14Oneida CountyRock Creek10/25/17
OwyheeNWW-2015-39-B02 - Marsing Bridge ProjectNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentSnake River03/05/18
PayetteNWW-2017-00063 - Gamble Island Bridge Replacement ProjectNWP 14Alscott FarmsSnake River07/18/19
ShoshoneNWW-2016-495-B02 - Interstate 90 Kingston Interchange ReconstructionNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentFrench Gulch09/22/17
ShoshoneNWW-2018-00498 - Bank stabilizationNWP 13Harold Lee Living TrustNorth Fork Coeur d'Alene River10/26/18
ShoshoneNWW-2013-00511 - Allen Bank StabilizationNWP 13Tonie AllenNorth Fork Coeur d'Alene River12/15/17
ShoshoneNWW-2006-1200095 - Bank stabilizationNWP 13Edith FergusonSt. Joe River06/26/18
ShoshoneNWW-2019-00168 - Central Shoshone County Water District Bank StabilizationNWP 13Central Shoshone County Water District, JUB EngineersSouth Fork Coeur d' Alene River05/09/19
ShoshoneNWW-2019-00340 - Meredith Bank Stabilization ProjectNWP 13Barry MeredithNorth Fork Coeur d'Alene River08/22/19
ShoshoneNWW-2017-00313 - Kruger Bank StabilizationNWP 13Robert KrugerMiddle Fork St. Maries River07/29/20
TetonNWW-2015-00114-I01 - Road Improvement and Culvert ReplacementNWP 13Teton County Public WorksTeton River08/08/17
TetonNWW-2019-565-102 - Gaudet Home and Pond ExpansionIndividualCharles GaudetIsolated pond and wetland04/14/20
Twin FallsNWW-2017-629-B02 #13979 - US 30 ProjectNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentCedar Draw12/19/17
Twin FallsNWW-2017-418-B02 - Culvert replacementNWP 23Idaho Transportation DepartmentCoulee Canal or Twin Falls Coulee09/25/17
Twin FallsNWW-2016-413-B02 - Bridge replacementNWP 16 and 23Idaho Department of Transportation, District 4Salmon Falls Creek02/16/18
Twin FallsNWW-2020-00399 - Dry Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Murtaugh Highway DistrictDry Creek10/15/20
ValleyNWW-2018-00424 - North Fork Logan and Government Creek Road ImprovementsNWP 14American Independence Mines and Minerals CompanyNorth Fork Logan Creek and Government Creek09/28/18
ValleyNWW-1994-202770 - Cabin/Gate House Construction and Road WideningIndividualShore Lodge Whitetail, LLCUnnamed tributary to North Fork Payette River08/23/17
ValleyNWW-2017-00563 - Warren Wagon Road ImprovementNWP 14FHWA-Western Federal Lands Highway DivisionPayette Lake Tributaries12/14/17
ValleyNWW-2018-00604 - NF Payette River - Riverfront Park Bank Stabilization401 CertificationCity of McCallNorth Fork Payette River12/28/18
ValleyNWW-2018-00604 - Riverfront Park Bank StabilizationNWP 13City of McCallNorth Fork Payette River12/28/18
ValleyNWW-2018-654-B03 - Federal Highways Administration, Western Federal Lands ID Payette Repairs 2017NWP 13Federal Highways AdministrationSouth Fork Salmon River03/14/19
ValleyNWW-2019-00145 - Indian Creek Low-head Dam Removal ProjectNWP 53US Forest ServiceIndian Creek04/29/19
ValleyNWWW-2019-291-B03 - Deer Creek Culvert ReplacementNWP 14Boise National ForestDeer Creek07/18/19
ValleyNWW-2006-00779 - SH55 Road ExpansionNWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentNorth Fork Payette River, Bogus Creek09/12/19
ValleyNWW-2019-412-B03 - Silver Creek Campground Bank Stabilization ProjectNWP 13USDA, Forest Service, Emmett Ranger DistrictSilver Creek09/27/19
ValleyNWW-2017-00563 - Warren Wagon Road WideningNWP 23Western Federal Lands Highway DivisionNorth Fork Payette River and Tributaries12/04/19
ValleyNWW-2019-00600 - Dagger Creek Bridge InstallationNWP 14Mike Carroll with Salmon-Challis National ForestDagger Creek07/30/20
ValleyNWW-2018-00493-B03 - Ameritel Inn, Utility WorkNWP 12Ameritel Inns IncUnnamed intermittent stream and emergent wetlands10/14/20
ValleyNWW-2019-00577-B03 - River District SubdivisionIndividualCascade River LLCNorth Fork Payette River and associated wetlands11/05/20
WashingtonNWW-2017-00612 - Mink Bank StabilizationNWP 13Mink Land and LivestockWeiser River11/28/17
WashingtonNWW-2018-00039 - Pine Creek Bridge Replacement Project - 0620NWP 14Idaho Transportation DepartmentPine Creek06/12/19
WashingtonNWW-2019-00505 - Weiser River Bank StabilizationNWP 13Wendell WalkerWeiser River11/08/19

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