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Super Quick Gas Station

SuperQuick Gas 1
2004 - Former Super Quik Gas Station, 408 Washington St. N., Twin Falls, Idaho

Site Background

The former Super Quik Gas Station operated from 1973 to 1995; an underground storage tank release was discovered in the mid-1980s. Numerous assessments on the property have been conducted. Soil removal occurred in 1995 during the tank removal. At the time of the first brownfields assessment in 2004, there were 11 monitoring wells. The property changed owners several times during the years Super Quik was operating, and in 2002, Twin Falls County reclaimed the property due to delinquent taxes. In 2004, DEQ’s brownfields program conducted a Phase II Assessment on the property. Further assessment work occurred in February and June 2008. In November 2008, Twin Falls County auctioned the property, and the property owners joined DEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program and Community Reinvestment Pilot Initiative.

Site Investigation Process

SuperQuick Gas 2
October 2007 - Super Quik Demolition

Through the Brownfields program, DEQ contracted with Maxim Technologies, Inc. to perform a Phase II Assessment consisting of soil and monitoring well sampling. The Phase II Assessment revealed significant ground water contamination, so in February 2008, DEQ contracted with Terragraphics to perform an additional Phase II Assessment. During this time, Twin Falls County assisted DEQ by demolishing and removing the building. The Phase II Assessment consisted of digging soil test pits on site and installing four monitoring wells. This assessment revealed ground water contamination to the north of the property, an area that had not been assessed earlier. DEQ contracted with Terragraphics in June 2008 to install an additional monitoring well to the north to delineate the northern extent of contamination.

Site Cleanup

A Voluntary Remediation Workplan report that compared and selected cleanup methodologies was developed by Enviro-Mont and approved by DEQ. Cleanup is underway and consists of removing free product and treating the contaminated ground water via chemical oxidation.

Redevelopment Plans

The site will eventually become a strip mall.

Staff Contacts

Brownfields Program Coordinator
Eric Traynor
DEQ State Office
Waste Management and Remediation Division
1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0565

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