Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Engineering Projects in DEQ's Pocatello Region

Under Idaho Code §39-118, DEQ is authorized to review engineering plans and specifications for the following types of public works or city infrastructure projects: new sewage systems, sewage treatment plants or systems, other waste treatment or disposal facilities, public water supply systems or public water treatment systems or for material modification or expansion to existing sewage treatment plants or systems, and waste treatment or disposal facilities.

Engineering Submittals

Engineering documents submitted for review should be sent in PDF format (preferred) and stamped, signed, and dated as appropriate. Supporting information can be in any Microsoft Office format, but submittals with multiple documents should be uploaded in a ZIP file. Submittal titles should be as descriptive as possible and must include the project name. 

  • Open the Engineering Review Transmittal Form using Internet Explorer (this form is compatible with IE and may not view correctly in other browsers).
  • Click on File (top left of screen) and chose Save As to save a copy of the form to your computer.
  • Complete the form and save it.
  • When you are ready to submit the form, click on the envelope icon on the Home ribbon. A new email message appears with the form attached.
  • Insert into the recipient’s line. Fill out the body of the email and send.
  • Note: You can also click on the link to open a new email and attach the form from there.