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Boise Region BAG and WAGs

Southwest Basin Advisory Group (BAG)

Basin Advisory Groups (BAGs) are groups of citizens that advise DEQ's director on water quality objectives within Idaho's six basins.

Watershed Advisory Groups

Watershed Advisory Groups (WAGs) are groups of citizens that provide local public input and guidance on specific watersheds within Idaho's six basins to DEQ when developing a total maximum daily load (TMDL).

Tenmile Creek-Fifteen Mile Creek WAG Indian Creek WAG Mason Creek WAG Lower Boise River WAG Willow Creek WAG Sand Hollow Creek WAG


Map of BRO WAGs

DEQ Boise Regional Office

1445 N. Orchard St.
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0550
toll-free: (888) 800-3480

Staff Contacts

Surface Water Quality Manager
Lance Holloway
(208) 373-0550

Water Quality Analyst
Chase Cusack
(208) 373-0490

Water Quality Analyst
Melissa Hill
(208) 373-0550

Water Quality Analyst
Kati Carberry
(208) 373-0550

Water Quality Analyst
Danie Merriman
(208) 373-0589

Water Quality Analyst
Emily Washburne
(208) 373-0487

DEQ Guidance

SFY19 State General Fund Agricultural BMP Program (Fact Sheet)

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