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Pollution Prevention Recognition

September is Pollution Prevention Month. In observation of P2 month each year, DEQ recognizes businesses or organizations that have implemented pollution prevention measures with documented results. Businesses, industries, and organizations that participate in any method or activity that prevents, eliminates, and/or minimizes the production of waste at its source, uses non-toxic or less-toxic products, conserves energy or water, and/or reuses material rather than throwing it away are eligible to be recognized as Pollution Prevention Champions.

2018 Pollution Prevention Champions

To apply, review the qualification criteria below and submit an online application.

Past Pollution Prevention Champions

















Qualification Criteria

To be considered for Pollution Prevention Champion recognition, a business or organization is required to meet the following criteria:

  • Be located in Idaho
  • Incorporate pollution prevention into daily operations by
    • implementing any method or activity that prevents, eliminates, and/or minimizes the production of waste at its source
    • using non-toxic or less-toxic products
    • conserving energy or water
    • reusing materials rather than throwing them away
  • Show documented results in such area as
    • raw materials purchased
    • toxic materials purchased
    • hazardous waste generate
    • solid waste generated
    • air pollutants emitted
    • gallons of water used
    • wastewater generated
    • kilowatt hours used
    • vehicle miles driven
    • diesel, coal, or other fuels used
    • greenhouse gas emissions
    • dollars spent
    • or purchase or generation of green energy
  • Be in compliance with all environmental regulations. Pollution Prevention Champion applicants with any current or outstanding enforcement actions for environmental regulation violations under review by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may be disqualified from being considered for a Pollution Prevention Champions award.

Producing and selling products that are meant to foster sustainability do not qualify a company for an award. Rather, pollution prevention efforts must be conducted as part of the manufacturing process or day-to-day operation of the facility. Previous P2 champion awardees must demonstrate that pollution prevention activities they wish to be recognized for are in addition to activities for which they have previously recognized.

Note: The P2 Champion program is not a certification. It is an award given to businesses or organizations in order to recognize past pollution prevention efforts. Activities that warrant P2 Champion recognition may or may not be ongoing, and DEQ does not require such activities continue after the date of award.

Disclaimer: A Pollution Prevention Champion award does not absolve the awardee of any regulatory responsibilities, nor does it serve as a substitute for regulatory compliance inspection. The award only recognizes the awardee for those specific efforts made to reduce pollution, and in no way offsets or otherwise negates the awardee’s responsibilities to comply with the law. Applicants and awardees of P2 Champion awards do not receive special consideration by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality for permitting any regulated activities.

If there are any documents, certifications, or other items that you would like to include, please email them to

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