Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Current Permits Issued by DEQ

DEQ issues permits to regulate emissions of air pollutants, reuse of recycled water, and treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes. The purpose of environmental permits is to protect public health and the environment. Permits establish the conditions under which facilities that generate pollution may operate. Permits represent a contract between the businesses and the government that the facilities will comply with applicable state and federal pollution control laws.

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Records 451 to 460 of 1130
PermitteePermit NumberPermit TypeEffective DateExpire DateDocument Links
Idaho National Laboratory, Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC)
Industrial waste ditch located at the southeastern corner of INL, approx. 36 miles west of Idaho Falls in Bingham County
I-160-02Wastewater Reuse01/26/1701/25/27Permit
Idaho National Laboratory, Materials Fuels Complex (MFC) - Experimental Fuels Facility (EFF) - Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) - Radioactive Scrap and Waste Facility (RSWF) - Sodium Components Maintenance Shop (SCMS) - Sodium Storage Building (SSB)
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste10/01/1510/01/25Partial Permit (July 2019)

Attachment 1A – Part A (October 2017)

Attachment 1B - Facility Description (July 2019)

Attachment 1D – Process Description (July 2019)

Attachment 2 - Waste Analysis Plan (July 2019)

Attachment 3 - Security (October 2017)

Attachment 4 - Inspections (July 2019)

Attachment 5 - Personnel Training (October 2015)

Attachment 6 - Procedures to Prevent Hazards (April 2018)

Attachment 7 - Contingency Plan (July 2019)

Attachment 8 - Closure Plan (October 2015)

Attachment 9 – FFA/CO (October 2015)

Attachment 10 – Revision Log (July 2019)
Idaho National Laboratory, Naval Reactors Facility Irrigation Waste Ditch
Approx. 11 miles north of U.S. Hwy 20/26 interchange Butte County, ID
LA-000155-01Wastewater Reuse07/26/0707/26/12Permit

Permit Modification
Idaho National Laboratory, Volume 1 - HWMA/RCRA Part A Permit Application for the INL
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste09/30/09Permit Application (June 2016)
Idaho National Laboratory, Volume 14, Idaho Nuclear Technology & Engineering Center (INTEC) - Liquid Waste Management System (LWMS)
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste11/20/1411/20/24Book 1 (September 2019)

Book 2 (September 2019)

Book 3 (September 2019)

Book 4 (September 2019)
Idaho National Laboratory, Volume 18, HWMA Storage and Treatment Permit for the Idaho Nuclear Technology & Engineering Center (INTEC), and the Radioactive Waste Management Complex (RWMC)
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste04/27/0904/26/19Book 1 (NWCF, FDP & RMWSF at INTEC)

Book 2 (INTEC Appendices Information)

Book 3A (RWMC SDA)

Book 3b (RWMC Appendices)
Idaho National Laboratory, Volume 21, Idaho Nuclear Technology & Engineering Center (INTEC) -– HWMA/RCRA Post-Closure Permit for the Waste Calcininge Facility (WCF) and CPP-601/627/640
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste03/14/1403/13/24Partial Permit (June 2016)
Idaho National Laboratory, Volume 22, Idaho Nuclear Technology & Engineering Center (INTEC) - Calcined Solids Storage Facility (CSSF)
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste06/26/1706/26/27Partial Permit (June 2017)

Part A Permit Application (May 2016)

Attachment 1 - Section B - Facility Description (May 2016)

Attachment 1 - Section D - Process Description (May 2016)

Attachment 2 - Section C - Waste Characteristics (May 2016)

Attachment 3 - Section F-1 - Security (May 2016)

Attachment 4 - Section F-2 - Inspection Schedule (May 2016)

Attachment 5 - Section H - Personnel Training (May 2016)

Attachment 6 - Sections F-3, F-4, and F-5 - Procedures to Prevent Hazards (May 2016)

Attachment 7 - Section G - Contingency Plan (May 2016)

Attachment 8 - Section I - Closure and Post Closure Requirements (May 2016)

Attachment 9 - Permit Revision Log (May 2016)

Appendices 1-8 (May 2016)
Idaho National Laboratory, Volume 3 - HWMA/RCRA Part B Permit Application for the INL, General Information for INL Waste Management Units
Idaho Falls, ID
EPA ID#: ID4890008952Hazardous Waste07/28/10Permit Application (July 2017)

Idaho Pacific Corp.
Ririe, ID
P-040521Air - PTC03/03/05Permit

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