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DEQ Recognizes Clif Bar as a 2019 Pollution Prevention Champion

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Boise — The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recognizes Clif Bar as a 2019 Pollution Prevention Champion for reducing waste and improving sustainability at its Twin Falls manufacturing facility.

This is the second year that Clif Bar has been recognized for their achievements.

“We are so honored to be able to share the example set by Clif Bar for sustainable innovation, not just in food processing but for any business. Their culture of commitment to sustainability is truly an inspiration and they deserve recognition for their efforts!” said Ben Jarvis, DEQ’s pollution prevention coordinator.

Pollution prevention includes any technique that reduces or eliminates the generation of pollution. In contrast to most pollution control strategies that manage a pollutant’s effect on the environment after it has been generated, pollution prevention seeks to eliminate or minimize the amount of wastes and pollutants before they are generated.

To qualify for pollution prevention recognition, Clif Bar submitted an application demonstrating how they incorporated pollution prevention into daily operations by reducing raw materials or toxic materials purchased, hazardous or solid waste generated, water, energy or fuel used, or air pollutants emitted.

“One of the things that really stands out to me is how Clif Bar engages and empowers their employees. Employees are encouraged to reduce their environmental impact, and the company supports those efforts with incentives, such as financial support for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles,” said Jarvis.

Clif Bar’s most recent achievements include the installation of a two megawatt solar array that provides electricity to the bakery in Twin Falls. On an annual basis, the solar array generates approximately 3,000,000 kWh of electricity, equal to the annual electricity consumption of 300 homes.

The company also upgraded one-third of its printers to laser printers, reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds by several hundred pounds annually. Additionally, in 2019 alone, Clif Bar supported the purchase of 29 high-efficiency vehicles for company employees, helping to avoid greenhouse gas emissions as well as particulate and other emissions, which contribute to degraded air quality.

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