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DEQ accepting applications for woodstove changeouts in the West Silver Valley

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

KELLOGGThe Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is accepting applications for the 2020 woodstove changeout program in the West Silver Valley.

The program provides funds to eligible West Silver Valley residents to replace old, uncertified woodstoves with a new, EPA-certified woodstove, gas stove, or pellet stove.

This is the final year of the program and DEQ aims to replace 58 woodstoves by August 2020. Residential applicants are encouraged to apply, and this year, businesses and homeowners with backyard workshops are also eligible.

The application period will run from Oct. 1 through Dec. 30, 2019.

Eligible applicants must live in the West Silver Valley Nonattainment Area, which runs east from Cataldo to Big Creek and includes the communities of Kingston, Smelterville, Pinehurst, and Kellogg. Pine Creek and large portions of the North Fork are also included.

Homeowners will work with DEQ and a local vendor to replace old woodstoves with a new, EPA-certified stove. Stoves manufactured after 1998 may be replaced with gas stove or insert.

Home visits will start in January 2020, with installations beginning in February.  

DEQ’s West Silver Valley changeout program started in 2016 and has successfully installed 130 new woodstoves, gas stoves and pellet stoves. This has resulted in improved air quality for the West Silver Valley Region and more efficient, cost-effective heating sources for residents. 

Certified woodstoves use approximately 40% less wood than older stoves while producing the same amount of heat. They also burn cleaner and produce less indoor and outdoor pollution.

This important in the West Silver Valley, especially during the colder winter months when the area is susceptible to frequent inversions. Inversions can trap fine particulate matter from woodstoves and other sources in the valley, which can have serious impacts on public health, particularly for people with heart or lung disease, children, and older adults.

For several years, DEQ has partnered with West Silver Valley communities to implement a number of air quality programs, including upgrading woodstoves, reducing slash burning, developing a woodshed programs, and creating a community wood bank. These community-driven efforts have resulted in measureable improvements in the West Silver Valley’s air quality.

Applications are available online at Paper copies are available the DEQ Kellogg office (1005 McKinley Ave.) or Pinehurst City Hall. 

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